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With Tinnitus good success with the leech therapy were obtained. 2 to 4 leech behind the ear is usually set. This therapy is to be repeated several times in the distance from some weeks to.


With the swindle the leech therapy has long persisting tradition.
Usually 6 to 8 leech in the neck range or 2 each to 4 behind the ears is set; whereby under determine this treatment circumstances in distances of several weeks be repeated must.

Hearing loss

The hearing lossfall is a suddenly arising deafness on an ear often arises apart from the hearing loss also symptoms such as swindles and ear noises. Concerned is usually 30 to 60 year old. The aural acuity mostly regresses again after approx. 2 weeks; but often to 100% a blood yellow action within the range of the neck spinal column or behind the ears cannot be helpful with the blood circulation promotion of the blood gel therapy in the healing process here.


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